Drupps är ett vatteninnovationsföretag som hjälper organisationer att öka vattnets hållbarhet och säkerhet.

Drupps is a Swedish water innovation company helping companies and organizations worldwide secure their long term supply of sustainable water by using a new and efficient technology for extracting water from the atmosphere.

We provide scalable atmospheric water production systems that are adaptable to any production capacity in almost any climate conditions, and that are deployable anywhere in the world.

Drupps has developed and patented a technology with which we can provide equipment that can produce unlimited water to a wide range of customer groups in a way which has clear advantages to alternatives today.

Our core activities include tech and product development, sales, installation, and after sales monitoring. We use a network of component suppliers and remaining manufacturing is outsourced, in order to cut fixed costs and increase flexibility. To address a global market, we are building a global network of sales agents and support firms.

Drupps focus mainly on customer segments with clean water as a production input, such as food & beverage, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, electronics etc. These industries have a clear incentive to invest in securing a steady supply of clean water since the more water available, the more output they can produce. We can supply and install equipment for atmospheric water production that complements their existing water sources from e.g. grid or boreholes. Drupps water can function both as a backup for or replacement of water supply, to top-up other water sourcing or simply as a way for producers to reduce their water footprint by replacing old water sources.






Peter Silfverbrand